The world's most accurate data tracker for swimmers

One tracking gear for all types of swimming
Apps compatibility
Get the possibility to export your training log to your favorite platforms and follow your progress by swim phase and by each training.
Training analysis
Receive your after-training analysis, know how to build your next swim session and be aware of your weak points.
Health data
Keep your eye on your body condition and make sure you don't overtrain by following your health data and receiving training tips.
SONR Tracker measures data from your temple and provides it to you after training
Track your speed and time when swimming underwater. This helps you to get faster and reach higher results in each lap.
Underwater time and distance
Have the possibility to assess the symmetry of your stroke and develop a perfect technique.
Symmetric Stroke
Monitor your heart rate and ensure you are training at the optimum intensity.
Heart rate
Analyse your swimming power points and increase the strength and power by each split.
Stroke power
Other metrics you can track
SONR Tracker is suitable for pool as well as for open water training.
The listed metrics are tracked in both environments with maximum accuracy.
Heart Rate
Swim Time
Stroke rate & Stroke count
Underwater time and distance
Turn time
Breath count
Swimming style
Stroke Power
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Innovative solutions for most precise tracking
Our engineers use high performance sensors for measuring the athlete's swim metrics and providing results of maximum accuracy.

SONR Tracker's AI software has been taught to recognize the smallest deviations and aspects related to swimming, translate it into metrics and providing after-training insights.
New Sensor from Texas Instruments
How to wear it
Thanks to its sleek and lightweight design SONR Tracker does not cause any discomfort.
After just a few minutes of wearing, swimmers forget about the tracker's presence and fully focus on the training.
How it works
  • 1
    Turn on your SONR Tracker device and SONR Tracker app and link them
  • 2
    Set your training objectives and metrics you'd like to track during swim session
  • 3
    Place SONR Tracker on your head. You don’t feel its presence and don’t worry about losing it
  • 4
    Get metrics analysed in daily report and share your results with your coach and swim mates
Get all info in periodic reports
Build-up your training plan or use the SONR Tracker app's plans
Analyse your performance based on each metric and have a general overview
Be aware of your body condition, get recovery tips and know your limits
Export your workout to most popular platforms
SONR Tracker app offers a wide connectivity with other training platforms so you can export your training log.
Also, you can share the results with your coach and swim mates directly in the app.
Tri Swim Coach
Training Peaks
Get your SONR Tracker now
Tech Specs
Weighting just 50g
2 years
Battery life
3 h without charging
Supports SVG, PDF, XLS
8 Led indicators
2,4 x 0,55 in (61 x 16 mm)
50 g
ATM5 (Waterproof)
Water resistance
2 Years
iOS and Android app
1 Gb
3D digital gyroscope
IMU Sensors
3D digital accelerometer
IMU Sensors
Texas instruments
HR Sensors
3 hour
Battery life
Battery type
2 hours
Charge time
5V - 0,5А
4 pin Magnetic charging cable
Charging cable
96 ± 3dB
Up to 10 Days
Standby time
Bluetooth v5
Wireless type
1 button mode
Pace, Swim Time, Pool Time, Underwater time and distance, Breath count, Heart rate, Stroke rate, Stroke count, Turn time, Swimming style, Stroke power, Symmetric stroke
What swimmers say
  • "Finally, I have a device that tracks my heart-rate accurately.
    It's really efficient when I swim underwater."
    Dave Collins
    Swimmer, USA
  • "This device is fantastic for my pool training. The battery life is good and I fully trust the provided data afterwards. I can check my training history whenever I want."
    Jennifer Cook
    Open water swimmer, Australia
  • "SONR Tracker is the best swim gear! I find it really helpful to track my data and have them analysed after training. And it's accurate and reliable."
    Samuel Evans
    Competitive swimmer, UK
  • "The app is user-friendly, I set-up my training objective in seconds. The device is comfortable and very light. I use it my open-water trainings and it works just perfect."
    Sharon Kim
    Swimmer, Israel
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