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2 Years warranty
Music player
Know everything you are doing while swimming. SONR Tracker provides you the accurately tracked metrics through the bone conduction system.
Now you know your times at every lap.
Share your achievements with your mates using the export feature of SONR Tracker app.
Analyse your training log in Strava, Training Peaks, MySwimPro and many other apps you use.
Improve while swimming thanks to our AI software.
Our device tracks your metrics, analyse your performance based on set goals and gives you corrections while swimming and after-training guides.
SONR is not just a tracking gear, it is also a music player. Use it for following your results and upgrading your training as well as for a relaxing swim after a tough work day.
Be aware of your performance
Stay connected to your swim mates
Get training tips and improvement guides
Enjoy every minute of your swim time
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