The world's first real-time data provider
Swim and hear your metrics in real-time
Stop tracking your data!
SONR does it for you
Check all important metrics in one app
Check reports in your app, see what needs to be improved, compare the results and follow the progress
Turn time
Heart Rate
Swim Time
Swimming style
Breath count
Underwater distance
Stroke rate & Stroke count
Export your workout to most popular platforms
Share your results with the running community and your coach
Tri Swim Coach
Training Peaks
How it works
Choose the metrics you want to hear and the frequency of data delivery in your App
Place the SONR Tracker on your head. You don’t feel its presence and don’t worry about losing it
Hear the metrics while training and correct your swimming technique
Get the metrics analysed in daily report and share your results with your coach and swim mates
Know your achievements and share your results with other SONR Tracker users.
Stay aware & Share
Get instant feedback and correct your body position, increase your pace or slow down while swimming.
Real-time recommendations
Set the pool length, time, pace and the feedback frequency in different types of training.
Customisable settings
Have all your swim data stored in SONR app instantly and follow your progress over training.
Data storage & Sync
Import or create your training plan using SONR app. Use our video resources for getting your training to next level.
Training plan builder
Hear your data even when your head is underwater. Stay focused at every stroke!
Bone-conduction technology
ATM5 rating offers you the possibility to hear your data even when your head is underwater.
Open-ear design
The device fits perfect on your head, so you train more comfortable and hear insights while swimming.
3 hours of battery life
Have the possibility to hear your metrics even in long laps.
The smartest real-time gear for swimmers
Innovative technology
The high-performance sensors track precisely each lap to keep you confident about the data and its accuracy.
Quality sound
Bone conduction technology delivers high quality sound despite ambient noise.
Real-time tracking
Hear the metrics and correct yourself while swimming. Store data to track the progress.
One real-time assistant
for all types of swim trainings
Get your SONR Tracker now
Tech Specs
Weighting just 50g
2 years
Battery life
3 h without charging
Supports mp3, WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC
8 Led indicators
2,4 x 0,55 in (61 x 16 mm)
50 g
ATM5 (Waterproof)
Water resistance
2 Years
iOS and Android app
1 Gb
3D digital gyroscope
IMU Sensors
3D digital accelerometer
IMU Sensors
Texas instruments
HR Sensors
3 hour
Battery life
Battery type
2 hours
Charge time
5V - 0,5А
4 pin Magnetic charging cable
Charging cable
Bone conduction speaker
Compatible profiles
Frequency response
96 ± 3dB
Up to 10 Days
Standby time
Bluetooth v5
Wireless type
1 button mode
Pace, Swim Time, Pool Time, Underwater distance, Breath count, Heart rate, Stroke rate, Stroke count, Turn time, Swimming style
What swimmers say
“Finally, I have a device to listen to music and to track my progress. It's really efficient for the endless pool training.”
Dave Collins
Swimmer, USA
“This device is fantastic for training. I love the battery life. I can hear with absolute clarity while I am swimming.”
Jennifer Cook
Open water swimmer, Australia
“SONR Tracker is the best assistant! I find it really helpful to hear my heart rate and time while swimming. And it's accurate and reliable.“
Samuel Evans
Competitive swimmer, UK
“The sound quality was really clear. I would definitely look to have SONR Tracker as a permanent feature that I could use on our camps, trainings and events.”
Sharon Kim
Swimmer, Israel
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